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VisualMusic Newsletter

November 2017

The great forest

VisualMusic Project

The vision in project VisualMusic is to develop a high performance, cost effective, real-time 3D motion graphics studio for creative music industry SMEs.


VisualMusic presented as a success story

On 26th September, Javier Montesa as the coordinator of VisualMusic project

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VJs and art

“Art involves the expression and communication of human experience, so that if we did decide that it is the computer...

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Audio Features Extraction and Segmentation Module

The development of the audio module

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VisualMusic Input Modules

VisualMusic development is as advanced as expected and all input modules are ready.

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Oliver Huntemann will participate as end users in VisualMusic project.

#VisualMusic has the pleasure to count on the presence of Oliver Huntemann,

Joachim Garraud will participate as end users in VisualMedia project

In #VisualMusic we are proud of having such talented and world-renowned partners,

Versuz Club joined VisualMusic

Not only #VisualMusic counts on the presence of relevant artists

Link Associated is on board in VisualMusic project

#VisualMusic is going to be validated by different profiles of end-users,

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