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VisualMusic Newsletter

June 2018

The great forest

VisualMusic Project

The vision in project VisualMusic is to develop a high performance, cost effective, real-time 3D motion graphics studio for creative music industry SMEs.

Big events across Europe with the first presentations made with VisualMusic.

Two of our end-users, Link and Versuz, organised both open-door events

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Are you ready for the weekend?

Next Saturday 16th June, you have an appointment with Link and VisualMusic

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Final Consortium meeting in VisualMusic

Hasselt was this time the venue of VisualMusicĀ“s gathering

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User-centered validation of VisualMusic

VisualMusic project is now in the midst of the user-centered validation of its software.

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New parameters coming from the audio analysis

In the latest release, two great improvements have been integrated in the VisualMusic player,

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Great Advances in the Automatic EDM Structure Segmentation

In the last weeks, the UPV team has reached great advances in the automatic EDM structure segmentation.

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VisualMusic First Review Meeting

After an intense and productive year of work,  full of new ideas, the time when VisualMusic had to face its...

Visuals are expanding

The many informants contacted during the past months of the project gave us the idea that VJs are one step...

VisualMusic Workshop in Bologna

Last week, VisualMusic consortium gathered at the first workshop which the purpose of introducing end-users in the functioning of VisualMusic...

Acceptable technology

Acceptance refers to the intention of using/buying a new product;

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VisualMusic Project