Last week, VisualMusic consortium gathered at the first workshop which the purpose of introducing end-users in the functioning of VisualMusic tool. Technical partners, Brainstorm and Politechnical University of Valencia explained the system, the different parameters we obtain from the music in real time and the way they can be used in order to animate 3DClips with different components such as cameras, lights or textures, available in the system. During the workshop, VisualMusic prototype was connected to the existing set-up in LINK, including RGB lights and light cannons, what let us synchronize lights and graphics in real time as the music was playing.

Later on, with the support of the technical partners, each user partner was asked to create their own themes based on Square Rivoli´s 3DClips. In the meantime, University of Padova took the opportunity to interview the end users with the main goal of getting valuable feedback for future iterations of the prototype. These past meetings among engineers and user partners enabled us to obtain very interesting ideas that we are now resolved to implement in the tool.

The whole consortium is now ready and working on themes and demos for their use in real events, in order to get the tool validated.