VisualMusic project intends to remove the entry barriers to the entertainment sector involving music events and extend the use of real-time 3D motion graphic technology. VisualMusic project plans to do this by developing a more affordable, easy-to-use, real-time 3D motion graphic studio and creating a marketplace for graphic content. This VisualMusic studio will then eliminate the need for expensive design and development expertise in both the preparation and delivery of animation content. Furthermore, the VisualMusic studio will provide the user with the capability to generate visual animation presentations in real-time as the musical event is going on.

In order to reduce costs, ease the generation of exciting visual animations and allow the animations to be modified during the performance, VisualMusic project proposes applying the powerful Brainstorm’s real time 3D graphic technology, currently used in the broadcasting industry, to provide a tool for the “live events” sector of the entertainment business.

Additionally, VisualMusic aims to provide a marketplace for experts in motion graphic design and development, as shown in diagram below.


Figure. VisualMusic architecture technology in the entertainment sector.

VisualMusic Project Overview