Official Website of VisualMusic Project with useful information regarding the project and the main public outcomes.

The purpose of this document is to detail the way in which the VisualMusic consortium partners will work during the course of the project

The purpose of this document is to define the appropriate strategy in order to disseminate the project and reach the targeted audiences.

This document describes the outcome of T2.1, where the preconditions to the identification of the user requirements of VisualMusic were set and a database of endusers and stakeholders was created.

This deliverable will document the consortium’s approach to managing and extending the Commercial Impact Advisory Group (CIAG). It will include a list of initial members, the VisualMusic’s statement of interest which the CIAG members will sign, and the activities to be carried out by the CIAG during the course of the project.

This deliverable “Commercial exploitation and Business Strategy Baseline” defines the commercial exploitation strategy baseline which will guide the business planning process.

This document reports the activity carried out in T2.2 to identify the user requirements for the VisualMusic application.

This document presents the specifications defined for the VisualMusic studio, based on the obtained user requirements identified in Deliverable D.2.2.

This document lists the different types of data that the Consortium plans to generate within the project, their sources and their storage process, in line with the principles of FAIR – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. It suggests the general policy for data sharing and distribution to external entities to be applied after the end of the project.

VisualMusic is based on a series of modules which provide the mail tool, the VisualMusic Player, with all its required functionalities. This document reports de specifications, the design, the development and the functionality of each of these modules.

After the complete set of software modules taking part in VisualMusic were finalized, an integration process was carried out which led to the first release version of the VisualMusic Player. This document reports this integration process, the obtained tool capabilities, and the configuration and use of each of them.

This document describes the plan to validate VM software. It includes the description of the phases and units!involved!in! the! process,! the!aspects! that will be evaluated, the procedures and techniques to be used. The resulting process is consistent with the requirements described in WP2 and addresses the technical as well as the user perspective.

This document describes the outcome of the validation process of VisualMusic (VM) software, an activity that was scheduled as WP4 in the projects’

This deliverable details the VisualMusic Commercial Release characteristics and features.

This deliverable details the VisualMusic Commercial Release characteristics and features.

This document compiles the different newsletters that were designed and sent to the Online Community during the project duration.

The document describes the generation of a community for VisualMusic project.

The present report collects the events and meetings done by the end-users of the consortia with the main purpose of sharing with other professionals the result of VisualMusic and obtain their feed-back about the pre-commercial version of the project.

The conference programme at proposal stage includes the annual programme of events around the world at which partners have an active involvement.

The purpose of this document is to gather the activities carried out during the second part of the project in terms of dissemination of the project outcomes.

The purpose of this document is to gather the activities carried out during the first year of the project and update and adapt the dissemination plan establishing the necessary actions to be undertaken in the second half of the project.

This document contains all the required information to start using VisualMusic and is also a reference for each of its functionalities. A part of the VisualMusic Player, it also covers the ViusalMusic Scene Extractor, the MarketPlace and the mechanisms to upload content.