In the latest release, two great improvements have been integrated in the VisualMusic player,named the Sections and the Continuous ramp. Both parameters result from the audio analysis, and they unlock two very interesting features when animating 3DClips.

The Sections parameter allows the system to know when music changes occur and the way a song plays out. Based on this information, different camera shots can be activated, different light colour schemes can be applied as well as various 3DClips can get in and out of the scene coherently in line with the song evolution.

On the other side the Continuous Ramp parameter provides a time basis for continuous animations. From now on, 3DClips will not need to contain animations prepared to be bound to one single beat of music. Instead, complex animations like a dancing robot will be possible, no matter the song beats per minute because the animation speed will be constantly adapted to the music as it evolves.

You can see it in action in our Youtube channel