Acceptance refers to the intention of using/buying a new product; measuring acceptance is of strategic importance before launching a product on the market in order to anticipate what possible issues might stop buyers.

We then pondered in our project whether there would be any principled reasons for DJs and VJs not to be willing to use VisualMusic software. One sensitive feature that might play a key role in this decision seemed to be the extent to which such software would automate some processes otherwise manually controlled: the previous months of study gave us reasons to expect both reservations and enthusiasm in response to this feature. Our attention has since focused on the conditions that can shift the balance in favour of either position. A forum was launched from the project website entitled: “Will VJ/DJ software be a threat or benefit to the creative work of VJs and DJs?” The comments posted on this forum make an interesting reading, available at and informed a subsequent set of interviews. About 30 VJs and DJs were contacted for a quick Whatsapp interview.

Stay tuned for more news about it and for the presentation of the research findings: these interviews ushered us in the composite, articulated view that live performance artists have on software and creativity.

(screenshots published upon permission of the interviewees)