– Visual Music Project –

Real Time 3D Motion Graphics Studio for Creative Music Industry SMEs

The vision in project VisualMusic is to develop a high performance, cost effective, real-time 3D motion graphics studio for creative music industry SMEs.

VisualMusic is a response to the identified need to enhance the audience experience at concert venues or music sessions, as the venues that combine music with 3D motion graphics are more appealing for the audience. But, this production of compelling visual animations is not affordable for smaller entertainment venues or event promoters and artists in the music business. The reason is that visual animations need to be prepared in advance and designed specifically for each particular event and music. Hence, the design, development and rendering of visual effects is costly both in terms of time and budget.

The technology provided by VisualMusic will increase competitiveness of smaller companies and stimulate innovation by bringing advanced motion graphic capabilities to a wider market. The solution introduced in VisualMusic will not require dedicated expertise for pre-processing. and will provide an online marketplace for animation content.

The interaction flow of VisualMusic users with the provided motion graphic tool, during live events or off-line preparation, is presented below.


VisualMedia workflow for both live and off-line interactions

Figure. VisualMedia workflow for both live and off-line interactions



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